Steven Spielberg's horror movie “Poltergeist“ was one of the cinema highlights in the early 80's, and it already has become a genre classic nowadays. Not only the amazing special effects make this film still worth seeing, but also its wonderful story and the excellent actors performing it.

For Dominique Dunne, who played Dana, the eldest daughter of the haunted Freeling family, it was her debut role in a movie. It is especially her unique acting, that gives her character that special appeal. Well known is the scene in which a frightened Dana is screaming „What's happening ?!“ at the end of film , when the horror is at its peak.

Dominique Dunne, 1982

But only a few months after her first appearance in cinema, another horror haunted Dominique, but in her real life. Weeks before, she just had finished the relationship with her abusive boyfriend, when he suddenly appeared at her own home and strangled her into a coma from which she never awoke again. Dominique died five days later, on November 4, 1982, only a few weeks before her 23rd birthday.